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Change of Scenery Landscapes provides a range of high quality services and all of our past projects are a testament to that.


Our working process has been built from an extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field and again proves why you must choose Change of Scenery Landscapes to start designing and building your very own beautiful and functional garden and landscaped spaces to enjoy.

The easy 3 step process - Design, Construct and Maintain has been created to ensure that you will receive everything you need and more. Our knowledge and experience will ensure this long-term investment is one that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Change of Scenery Landscapes offers the following services:


In order to create the landscape of your dreams we as designers have to grasp an understanding of what you want to achieve, what you will utilise the space for, how you want it to look and how much you want to spend on it.


After the design step has been achieved, you are now ready to get underway with the construction process. The hand-picked, top of the range employees of Change of Scenery Landscapes handle this process with the utmost professionalism providing high quality work.


Change of Scenery Landscapes offer a professional maintenance package that will help you stress less about your newly manicured garden. Our range of packages ensure that our best gardeners will continue to come back and make sure that your garden is looking it's best and is developing as per plan.

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