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Step 2 - Construction

Landscaping is not just about soft scapes. Structures like retaining walls, paving and decks can significantly change how you use your space. Structures give you the ability to create areas within your garden that can be used for specific functions. 

Change of Scenery Landscapes can help you with the selection of materials for the best outcome and longevity of your constructed garden. Finishing off your garden with soft plantings, turf and other structures and features for year round aesthetics. 

A great landscape will add value to your home. Landscaping can affect your home’s appeal as much as the interior and yet most people often forget or leave the landscaping until last. The design of your garden can also affect your lifestyle and the way that you interact with the space.

The right plants, decking or feature can add colour, texture and even fragrance to your home.
A beautiful lawn area, a colourful and well-designed garden will both enhance and soften, specific areas of your yard giving you definition and creating individual spaces for you to enjoy.  A well designed landscape will not only create a visual effect, it will also provide practicality and functionality to your space.
There are so many products and innovative ideas out there to choose from and this is where Change of Scenery Landscapes will help you design and build a space that will work for you. Let us know your style and what it is you want to achieve. Do you like to entertain? Would a new paving area to seat your guests be high on your list, or would you like a nice quiet spot to sit and enjoy the sunshine?

We can install and build decks, pergolas, screens of any kind, retaining walls, paths, paving areas and driveways, lawns and gardens full of colour and texture. We also install low voltage garden lighting to create that “wow factor” and fully automated irrigation systems to help make maintaining your new garden very easy.  Is a water feature more your style? We can do that too!
If you need a solution in your garden, we can help you find it. 

Click on the links below to find out more on our irrigation and lighting services.


In conjunction with the construction process, Change of Scenery Landscapes can offer irrigation systems to give you peace of mind that your new garden will be well maintained. The landscape construction specialists are very experienced in handling home irrigation and will ensure that you get the most out of your garden helping it to thrive and grow. 


Change of Scenery Landscapes can provide professional lighting for your project. Lighting will showcase your new garden, enhance and highlight main features and provide you with safe access through your garden.

Lighting can create a visual impact for night time entertaining. 

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