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Change of Scenery Landscapes can install fully automated irrigation systems to help make maintaining your new garden very easy.  

There are various types of irrigation systems to choose from and we will help you choose the best kind for your garden needs. We will design a system with consideration of your water supply, town water or tank water can make a big difference to the water flow rate and therefore will change the configuration of your system. A pump may be required to increase the flow rate. 

Controllers with multiple zones and timers can help you manage different areas of your garden at different times and duration. Irrigation systems work best when they are not over loaded so dividing your garden into zones is the best way to manage areas requiring different watering needs and making the most out of  a very valuable resource. 

We generally recommend drip irrigation lines in garden beds which provide controlled watering, directly to the roots of your new plants. This also minimises water loss due to evaporation as the lines are buried under the mulch. 

Pop up sprayers are a good way to irrigate your lawn and can also be installed around the perimeter of existing lawns meaning minimal digging and disturbance is required.  

In addition to this system a rain sensor can be added which will automatically cut out the irrigation during and after recent rain fall. 





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