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October 2020

Display homes are designed to look years old from the start and we achieved this by utilising mature hedging plants to hide fences and allow for layering of planting through to the edge of lawns and paving.

This corner-block home features a meandering sandstone stepper pathway to allow you to access the entire garden in an interesting way by keeping your focal direction shifting from feature to feature through the garden.

Core filled concrete block walls were extensively used to retain higher neighbouring properties and allowing the side and front gardens to flow level around the house, this was also used to create a large rain garden in the front corner of the property.


The rain garden is engineered to take the excess overflow rainwater and filter it before passing it through the technically designed plumbing before release back to the street as high quality clean water.

The walls were finished with a mix of painted acrylic render and sandstone cladding. The cladding was used to make certain walls a feature in the garden and its point of difference.


The cladding was also used to build stone benches to surround the outdoor fire pit, giving the garden another space for families to relax and enjoy. We believe the best designed gardens have different spaces for you and the family to enjoy, sit and relax, entertain, or even sit quietly and read. A focal point through your windows into the garden brings that feeling into the home.


The planting design was predominantly shades of green foliage to add contrast as well as textural differences in the garden, with layers and groups of same plants in front of others to further emphasize the textures and colours. Tropical plantings with bold foliage worked well to create a relaxing garden in this beachside suburb.


Design: Eco Design

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