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Brachychiton CALDERWOOD 

February 2017

With our creativity still flowing, its now time to create more display home gardens. However this time the workload has tripled... Three full gardens to complete as one project! 


Each garden had its own unique personality and style whilst still maintaining a consistent flow from one to the next.

A long list of features were to be included in the design and build, each house with their own individually designed alfresco areas and outdoor kitchens.   

One of the main features of these homes was the inclusion of a sandstone bench and fire pit for casual style entertaining with a flat lawn area to inspire family fun. 

Granite stepping stones provide access through the garden spaces planted with ground covers which were used to soften the space and evoke a sense of luxury. Large Screening trees provide privacy from the street and neighbours whilst giving the feeling that they have been there for sometime. A real special place to be. 

Another sandstone retaining wall with timber benches built in created a relaxed seating area, the perfect spot to enjoy the new garden. Layered planting behind provided a lush backdrop and was completed by a large feature Frangipani tree. 

Textured finished concrete driveways and paths seamlessly connected each house through the front yards which were planted with a series of hedging plants and ground covers. To provide these plants with their watering requirements we also installed a fully automated drip irrigation system to allow precise watering directly to the roots of these new plants. A thick layer of mulch also helped to suppress weed growth and keep the soil moist and cool, providing the perfect environment for the plants to thrive and grow. 

Landscape Design by: Eco Design

Constructed by: Change of Scenery Landscapes

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